October 2019 - Today                         Academy of Fine Arts of Brera


Master of Visual Arts


October 2016 - September 2019               Academy of Fine Arts of Florence


Bachelor of Visual Arts and Sculpture                 


June 2015 - August 2016                     HongYu Institute of Foreign Languages                      


Italian Language and Culture 


September 2011 - August 2015                Artistic High School of the Central Bell Arts Academy


Diploma in Visual art

Work Experience


August - October 2018                        Beijing, China


Internship in the Department of Expositions in MWOOD Gallery, assistant and guide


June - Today 2018                            Florence, Italy


Work at the Chinese Artist Association in Italy, assistant to the artists


May 2018                                     Venice, Italy


Work with Taiwanese artist Shi Li-ren in the Biennale Venice of 2018, assistant and translator


July - August 2017                           Taiyuan, China


Work at the Chinese Traditional Sculpture Research Institution of TaiYuan, assistant and craftsman

Awards and Collective Exhibition   




'Lighting for Art', Como, Italy


'Forme nel verde 2019', San Quirico d'Orcia, Italy


'Traces of the future 2019 XIV edition ', Auditorium San Domenico, Narni, Italy


'The images of gestures, the gestures of images' with Studio Azzurro, Seravezza, Italy      


'Wave of Life', Galata Museo del Mare, Genoa, Italy


'Sculpture between sustainability and technology','Sculpture network | 10th International 

 Celebration of Contemporary Sculpture 2019', Gallery Edieuropa, Rome, Italy   




Exhibition dedicated Villa Camperio of Villa Santa, Monza, Italy


'Flowers, on the border of Eden', Botanical Garden, Florence, Italy  




'Faith in the city of today', Palazzo Bastogi, Florence      




Golden palette, Children 's art studio' 'St. Cynl and Methodius'', Montmartre







The Milan Experiment, Milan, Italy


Workshop on wax casting in bronze, Fonderia Salvadori Arte, Pistoia, Italy


'The images of gestures, the gestures of images' with Studio Azzurro, Seravezza, Italy


'The school of art', Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, Florence, Italy


'Blind Drawing' with artist Christoph Loos, Academy of fine arts of Rome, Rome, Italy 

Art Residency




Monte Sacro of San Vivaldo Montaione, Anàbasis 2019


Project Feroci, Bangkok, Thailand